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1st floor suites D-F. 11-15, Bush House Bush Fair, Harlow, Essex, CM18 6NS






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What is supported living, by and how does it help individuals?

Supported living is a service that enables individuals with mental health needs to live independently with tailored support. It offers personalized assistance within a home or community setting, empowering individuals to manage their daily lives while receiving the necessary support to thrive.

What does social care entail for adults?

Social care encompasses a wide range of support services aimed at enhancing the social well-being and integration of individuals with mental health needs. This includes facilitating social interactions, community engagement, skill-building, and fostering a supportive network to promote independence and a sense of belonging.

How does resident care cater to adults with complex needs?

Resident care involves providing comprehensive and personalized support for adults with mental health needs within a residential setting. It ensures a nurturing environment where individuals receive tailored assistance, fostering a sense of belonging, security, and independence while addressing their specific mental health challenges.

Who can benefit from respite care services?

We offer services that give you time to take care of yourself while we care for your loved one. Respite care can also provide your loved ones with social interactions and engagements tailored to their needs. Respite care plays a crucial role in supporting overall wellbeing of caregivers and individuals with special needs, contributing to the sustainability of care arrangements and enhancing the quality of life for everyone involved.